Virtual Reality FAQ


What is Virtual Reality?.

Virtual Reality or (VR) is a computer simulated reality which simulates a real or imagined world experience and allows the user to interact with it.


I am not a kid and I don't play video games so I will not like VR.

This is far from the truth, all ages and non gamers enjoy Virtual Reality!

I will get sick if I try Virtual Reality.

Only 2% of people have a possibility to "get sick" with the hardware that VRENA utilizes. With the experiences we choose and test, we believe that we have brought that down to 0%.

The smart phone VR also known as google cardboard is the same experience.

Not SO! Our VR is a completely different experience. Do NOT get them confused. Please ask us about the differences.

My children will be better than me at VR so I shouldn't even try.

Since VR is so different from conventional games, and more about real-world-like interaction, we have found that parents are often great at VR.

Virtual Reality isn't going to last, it is a FAD and going to die soon.

Unlike the past, VR is going to stay around. With the technology becoming more affordable and many top companies investing billions into VR, it is not going away.


What is this VRENA and what does it mean? Who are these guys?

VRENA (VR-EEN-AH) (short for VR Arena) This company was thought of back in 1992 when the owner saw VR for the first time at a mall location. It left a huge impression and ever since was waiting for Virtual Reality to come back. 3 years ago when smart phone screens were finally a viable option both in tech and price, VR was reborn. Fast forward to July of 2016, it was time to find a good spot to conduct this small business. After months of back and forth, and a few hurdles, we were finally able to open in Quail Springs mall.

Customers are our main concern, as we want them to have the best experience possible. Please stop by and see what VR is all about, don't forget to rate us! There will be a bunch of exciting things to come, not just new games. If anything come by and say hello as we have a great environment with a friendly staff.